University of Regina Nursing Students' Society

Big Nurse / Little Nurse

Our mentorship program works to lighten the stresses of nursing school with advice, study help, and more!

Colours of SCBScN

Racial disparities continue to exist in our healthcare and education system. Here is what we are doing to combat it.

Student Resources

Looking for study resources, documents, tutors, or other extra help? Look no further! Click below and you'll find it all.

Events & Socials

Click below for a list of any events that may be upcoming, as well as links to all of our social media.


The University of Regina Nursing Students' Society exists as a voice for nursing students in the SCBScN program in Regina. 

Click below to read our mission statement!

Who are we?

URNSS is made up of nursing students from all years in the SCBScN program, the LPN program, and the ADN program. Click below to learn about each of our members and their roles! 

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